Machine Vision Acquisition - STEMMER IMAGING


Secure and flexible image capture from

any source to any destination

Interface boards for Sony FCB camera modules

  • Digital interface boards for Sony FCB camera blocks
  • Provide digital image data
  • For easier integration into customer applications

CVA FGI - FCB GigE interface boards

  • GigE Vision compliant interface boards
  • Provide digital, uncompressed image data directly to PC or network
  • Compatible with Sony FCB-EX E series camera modules resp. Sony FCB-H11 and Sony FCB-EH6300 (HD version)
  • For easier integration into customer applications
  • For full control of the feature rich Sony FCB camera modules
  • Gigabit Ethernet, GigE Vision and GenICam compliant interface
  • Enables users to take full advantage of the cameras progressive scan sensor
  • Effectively doubles the effective resolution compared to previous interlaced versions

Twiga SDI / HDSDI interface boards

  • Right angle black anodised aluminium plate with screws
  • Interface:
    • Digital outputs SDI and HDSDI
    • Analogue outputs PAL or NTSC, YC (SD mode) and YPbPr (HD mode)
  • Video format selection by micro switch
  • Remote control through TTL or RS232 VISCA protocols
  • Power supply 6 VDC to 12 VDC for camera and interface