Training for experts and users of machine vision

Individual e-learning: Line Scan Technologies (1 day)

NEW: Virtual Classroom Training, German or English, other languages on request

With falling hardware prices and a significantly higher resolution than area scan cameras, line scan cameras are a great way to get an edge over the competition. Plus, they are not as complicated as you may think.

Learn with us how to use line scan cameras in applications like print validation, inspection of continuous materials, free-fall sorting and traffic applications and use this knowledge to expand into new markets.

Target audience

Developers and users of machine vision solutions with general technical understanding. Basic machine vision knowledge is recommended.


  • Application areas and examples
  • Correct definition of a system for line scan applications
  • Camera technologies for image acquisition
  • Image acquisition hardware, interfaces and encoders
  • Illumination technologies for line scan applications
  • Optical basics and components for line scan cameras
  • Systematic set-up and correct installation of a system
  • Complex applications with multiple cameras
  • Software packages for implementing line scan applications


Half-day to one-day online training, depending on individual preparation, arrangements and training content


We would be happy to provide you with a personal offer for your training. These depend on the duration of the e-learning course, the individual preparations for customer-specific topics, the emphasis on customer sample parts and the number of participants.
Each participant of the e-learning course will receive the training documents in advance.