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Integrating cameras and illumination for machine vision (en)

Contents: Multi-camera Application Challenges ++ Imaging and Light Set-up ++ Light and Camera Detail ++ Image Processing ++ Color & Tri-linear Application Challenge ++ Camera & Light Set-up ++ Overcoming Specular Reflection ++ UV Fluorescing Application

Presentation at the Machine Vision Technology Forum 3rd/4th November 2015 in Unterschleißheim (Germany)
Presenter: James Gardiner (Metaphase Technologies Inc.)

Movie producers commence filming by yelling »lights, camera, action«. Notice »lights« is first on their list. Robust machine vision requires the proper illumination. Although line scan is a 1D inspection, proper illumination is still required. Optics, lensing and LED improvements have resulted in new line scan illumination besides the traditional line light. This presentation includes applications using these new solutions.