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Webinar: Deep Learning Spectrum - From easy-to-use to full customization with the MVTec product portfolio


Deep learning has seen big leaps in performance in the past several years. Billions are being invested by governments and companies, racing to get an edge in this critical technology. The massive amount of research, products and frameworks put out can be overwhelming.

  • How do we navigate this rapidly developing field?
  • How do we pick the right technologies for machine vision, without overinvesting into false promises?
  • How is MVTec going to tackle this challenge and what guides its development?
  • How does the MVTec product portfolio provide value to people new to deep learning as well as to professionals?

In this webinar we will try to answer these questions and show how the MVTec product portfolio facilitates different deep learning workflows, that span the gap between ease-of-use and full customization.

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