Engineering knowledge

Are you well-informed about new technological advancements?
Knowledge leadership is one of our most important strengths.

We consider ourselves knowledge providers for our customers. It’s amazing to see the explosive success that first-hand know-how provides for them.
Claudio Sager, Managing Director, STEMMER IMAGING Switzerland

A source of knowledge

Our extensive technical knowledge is readily available to our customers. In our own training centre, STEMMER IMAGING supplies the customer with targeted training and essential technical know-how that create clear competitive advantages. Information is likewise available from comprehensive download centres and online platforms. The Imaging & Vision Handbook from STEMMER IMAGING is today considered a definitive standard reference by experts in the field and is widely used for teaching purposes.

Partner to universities

Where the technologies of tomorrow are developed, STEMMER IMAGING is part of the team. The intensive collaboration with research institutions ensures that our customers continually remain at the cutting edge of development. As an active member of several inter-national organisations, we champion the interests of our contracting customers.

Meeting industry at eye level

Relevant, powerful brands and many system integrators work in partnership with STEMMER IMAGING. This strength pays off for the customer in the form of unique product selection and perfectly integrated and sustainable solutions.

An engine of progress

STEMMER IMAGING is involved in many industry groups and industrial standard committees. By constantly evaluating and testing new technologies and products, we can provide impartial advice to our customers. For example, as an active member STEMMER IMAGING made a definitive contribution to the development of standards like GigE Vision, GenICam and EMVA 1288.