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LMI Gocator: 3D Intelligence

15 Mar 2011

The intelligent Gocator 3D sensors made by Canadian company LMI complete our line-up for 3D image processing.

3D technology is gaining momentum - we have observed this trend, not only by the growing numbers of systems we are so far providing for image processing in the third dimension, but also by the increasing number of application queries received as well as the number of participants at our recent 3D Technology Day.

For this reason we are continuously complementing our 3D portfolio in terms of hard and software. With the cameras and compact solutions by AT Automation Technologies and Z-Laser we are well equipped to cover the high end segment of laser line triangulation and support this with effective 3D tools from our software platform Common Vision Blox. Recently we added the VRmagic AreaScan 3D camera with light stripe projection for static parts. However, until now we were not able to offer our customers a suitable solution for the more simple 3D tasks.

This has now changed entirely. As of now we supply the intelligent Gocator 3D sensors made by the Canadian manufacturer LMI ( for this field of application.

This product range offers interesting possibilities for 3D profile measurement as they are easy to install and run via an intuitive web interface and do not require programming. Users with a basic understanding of image processing are able to operate a Gocator system in only a few minutes. They are supported by a graphic interface which includes precise tools for basic measurement tasks as well as a number of features for output of the results.

Several Gocator sensors can be linked together to form an overall system by using an LMI controller. At present the Gocator family includes six models with resolutions ranging from 0.003 to 2.2 mm and working ranges from 14 to 1260 mm.

With the robust and intelligent 3D products made by LMI we can now offer you an entry range to 3D image processing, thus covering the entire spectrum of this future-oriented technology in our portfolio. As of now the Gocator family will be supplied by all STEMMER IMAGING subsidiaries.


Burnaby, Canada

LMI Technologies is a leading manufacturer of non-contact 3D smart sensors for inline factory automation, quality inspection, and material optimisation applications.