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Sill Optics: Large Format

16 Mar 2011

The new TZL 3016/0,16 lens from Sill Optics extends the lens range with 200 mm front diameters.

This lens is designed for use with 4k line sensors of 28.6 mm length or large- format matrix sensors with this diagonal. The lens is telecentric on the object side and provides a magnification of 0.16x. Maximum distortion is less than 0.05 percent for an object field of 178.5 mm. M42x1 or F-mounts are available as connections, other adapters are available upon request.

The Sill TZL 3018/0,23 belongs to the same product family and provides a magnification of 0.32x. This also provides ideal illumination for 16 Megapixel cameras with a sensor size of 36 mm x 24 mm. In this case the object field is up to 156 mm x 104 mm with a maximum distortion of less than 0.05 percent. As this lens is more or less telecentric on the image side it is not possible to use an F-mount. The mechanism may lead to vignetting due to the virtually parallel optical path. We recommend using an M60 or M72 connection.

Sill Optics

Wendelstein, Germany

Since its foundation in 1894, Sill Optics has been designing and manufacturing optical components of the highest quality. "100 % Made in Germany" stands for extensive knowledge and best quality manufactured in-house.