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Up to 10 km at 100 MHz

18 Mar 2011

Phrontier Technologies' PHOX fibre extender allows the transport of CameraLink data at 10 MHz up to 10 km.

The PHOX fibre extender is suitable for CameraLink data transport in all three modes, base, medium and full (10 taps/8 bits), at data rates of between 20 and 100 MHz. With a transport bandwidth of 1250 MB/s, Phrontier has made available an extremely powerful option for data transport over large distances.

Actuation via RS232 as well as 4 GPIO channels (2 inputs and 2 outputs) allows direct communication with the camera or the transport of external signals, for example, a trigger impulse.

The optic fibre system does not require any programming and can be used immediately after connecting the camera, PC, and optical fibres. When using LC multimode optical fibres (OM3) the system extends to roughly 300 meters and reaches its maximum of approx. 10 km when using single-mode LWLs.


Hacienda Heights (CA), United States

For over a decade Phrontier Technologies LLC has been the leading provider of high-speed fibre optic products and solutions for machine vision.

Phrontier PHOX

Flexible Cameralink fibre extender