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JAI: Extended Range of Area Scan Cameras and Line Scan Cameras

13 Oct 2011

JAI has extended its range of area scan cameras to include the monochrome cameras JAI AM-800 GE, JAI AM-201 CL and JAI AM-200 CL as well as the range of colour cameras, the JAI AB-800 GE, JAI AB-201 CL and JAI AB-200 CL. There are also its new line scan cameras, the JAI LT-200 CL and JAI LQ-050 CL. They will all be introduced at this year’s VISION in Stuttgart.

At Vision 2011, JAI will introduce some new models for its upper-class camera series.
8 megapixel CCD camera JAI AM-800 CL / JAI AB-800 CL now available in GigE versions JAI AM-800 GE / JAI AB-800 GE and the 2 megapixel cameras JAI AM-200 CL / JAI AB-200 CL and JAI AM-201 CL / JAI AB-201 CL with 2/3” sensor.

JAI Advanced Series: Automatic Tap Balancing

The new models for JAI’s Advanced Series count on proven features such as data output of 8 bit, 10 bit or 12 bit for the monochrome cameras resp. 3 x 8 bit for the RGB versions. Integrated pre-processing functions, including flat field compensation, pixel blemish compensation, colour interpolation and automatic white balancing, all wrapped in a compact design of only (55 x 55 x 69)?mm³. All area scan cameras support JAI’s automatic tap balancing, optimising the readout of the camera taps. The uniform designs and functions allow simple exchange of cameras for flexible adaptation to fit any application requirement.

New megapixel industrial grade CCD cameras from JAI

JAI introduces two new 2-megapixel industrial grade CCD cameras featuring full HDTV resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) at 64 frames per second. The new monochrome camera JAI AM-201 CL and the new colour camera JAI AB-201 CL are the second set of cameras from JAI to feature high performance quad-tap CCD sensors from Kodak. Like the previously introduced 8-megapixel cameras, the new HD cameras leverage the high-speed of the quad-tap architecture without compromising image quality, thanks to an advanced automatic channel balancing algorithm that continuously adjusts gain and offset of the individual channels to provide seamless results that surpass the typical one-time balancing methods of other multi-tap cameras.

In addition to the JAI AM-201 CL / JAI AB-201 CL cameras JAI will also present the two new models JAI AM-200 CL / JAI AB-200 CL, which differ only slightly from the 201 series. The main difference lies in resolution. The JAI AM-200 CL / JAI AB-200 CL cameras provide a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels (UXGA ) with a standard frame rate of 68 fps.

JAI LQ: Innovations in the field of line scan cameras

At this year’s VISION JAI is also presenting some innovations in the field of line scan cameras. The JAI LQ-050 CL is the light version of the 4-CCD line scan camera JAI LQ-200 CL, providing simultaneous separate imaging of red, green and blue, plus near-infrared light data. The camera runs at a maximum scan rate of 70922 lines per second with a 40 MHz pixel clock. Each of the four CCD sensors provides 512 linear pixels.

JAI LT: 3-CCD colour line scan cameras

3-CCD colour line scan camera JAI LT-400 CL, presented at VISION 2010 for the first time, is the preceeding model of the new 3-CMOS color line scan camera JAI LT-200 CL. The JAI LT-200 CL, using 3 x 2048 pixel line sensors and offering an increased line rate of up to 30838 lines/s with a 80MHz pixel clock, is the perfect successor of JAI’s L107 CL.


Kopenhagen, Denmark

For more than 50 years JAI has delivered industrial CCD and CMOS cameras with innovative engineering, high-end quality, and operational reliability and durability.