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LMI Gocator with Firmware Update

17 Oct 2011

LMI is releasing a firmware update for the Gocator 2000 family.

One of the most interesting innovations is the new operational mode – the Whole Part Mode -for the Gocator 3D sensors. This mode enables the Gocator to advance from a pure 3D profile sensor to a smart 3D camera. Whole parts can now be captured, displayed and evaluated as point clouds. The system automatically detects the two ends of an object passing the sensor.

Based on the 3D data a variety of measurements can be directly set up in the GUI. The point clouds of the captured objects can be recorded and played back as sequences for testing and traceability and can be exported via SDK for further processing with in-house software tools.

Intensity Output

The so-called Intensity Output is another practical supplement to the firmware, enabling one Gocator sensor to generate and visualise a 2D image. For further processing with standard 2D tools (for example for Barcode reading or pattern recognition) the intensity image can be exported via the Gocator SDK.

Another improvement that comes with the firmware update lies in the trigger modes allowing the Gocator to easily integrate into imaging systems.

According to LMI more innovations will be implemented shortly, such as multi- language support, including German, and the connection to additional SPS protocols (for example Modbus).


Burnaby, Canada

LMI Technologies is a leading manufacturer of non-contact 3D smart sensors for inline factory automation, quality inspection, and material optimisation applications.