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Microbus, Allison Park Group (APG), Smart Vision Lights - New Partners, New Products

18 Oct 2011

We have extended our product range with some interesting components from our new suppliers Microbus, Allison Park Group and Smart Vision Lights.

Intelligent Transport market

An agreement with Microbus?AV?Ltd. gives our European customers immediate access to the Microbus’ Rapier camera range. These powerful camera systems are the perfect solution for mobile applications and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) in the Intelligent Transport market. The Rapier systems combine reliable camera technology with innovative infrared LED illumination, suitable lenses and rugged, custom-designed housings. In return, Microbus uses STEMMER IMAGING’s megapixel camera modules in their new Rapier HD product line. Another Microbus product line, the company’s high performance vehicle computer technology, has been adopted by over 80% of the UK Police Service and has proven itself in this domain for years.

Extra rugged housings for harsh industrial environments

The U.S. Company Allison Park Group Inc., APG, are specialists when it comes to camera systems in extra rugged housings with integrated illumination and optics. These all-in-one solutions are ideally suited for machine vision applications in harsh industrial environments, such as food applications or highly corrosive environments. Many APG products are especially designed to meet harsh requirements including explosion proof, ratings such as NEMA 4X, IP66, IP65, IP54 or different criteria in the food and medical sector. APG supports cameras and lightings from most manufacturers, and offers both custom enclosures and OEM design solutions. Furthermore, APG’s portfolio, which can be purchased in all STEMMER IMAGING subsidiaries in Germany, UK, France and Switzerland, includes extra lightweight housings for use in end-of-arm robotic applications. The APG products round off our existing range of camera housings for example from AutoVimation. Thus, we can put together an optimal package for housing and protecting your camera in almost every imaging application.

Easy integration thanks to smart driver technology

We have also extended our range of illumination systems by products from U.S. supplier Smart Vision Lights as master distributor for the European market. The LED illumination from Smart Vision Lights offer some interesting features. Smart Vision Lights‘ portfolio includes LED spot and line lights, backlights and ringlights, and models with diffuse light allowing for easy integration in Teledyne DALSA’s smart Boa cameras thanks to the smart driver technology. Smart Vision Lights‘ smart drivers provide a constant current to every machine vision light allowing the continuous or strobe mode. Models with ratings up to IP68 as well as lightings that offer structured light for triangulation applications complementary to laser lights, round off Smart Vision Lights‘ portfolio.


Allison Park, United States

Allison Park Group (APG) located in Pennsylvania (USA) designs and produces high quality enclosures for cameras and illumination.


Puchheim, Germany

STEMMER IMAGING has been one of the leaders in the machine vision market since 1987. It is one of Europe's largest technology providers in this field. In 1997 STEMMER IMAGING presented Common Vision Blox (CVB), a powerful programming library for fast and reliable development and implementation of vision solutions, which has been deployed successfully throughout the world in more than 80,000 imaging applications in various industries.