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Qioptiq: MeVis-CF series expanded

19 Oct 2011

Qiotiq expand their product portfolio of MeVis-CF lenses with new models featuring focal lengths of 16mm, 35mm and 50mm.

The Qioptiq MeVis-CF lenses were until now only available with a focal length of 25mm. These three new focal lengths therefore extend the manufacturer's range.

Imaging lenses for high mechanical loads

Their stable, compact and sleek design without moving parts make the MeVis-CF lenses the perfect choice for applications with high mechanical loads or for use in confined space. They offer the high optical performance of the proven MeVis-C series and are available with varying fixed apertures. The C-Mount connector enables connection of sensors up to 1" class.


München, Germany

Qioptiq designs and manufactures photonic products and solutions that serve a wide range of markets and applications in the areas of industrial manufacturing, medical and life sciences, research and development, defence and aerospace.

Qioptiq Mevis

High-quality, linear corrected, precision lenses for high-resolution cameras. Suitable for measurement applications.