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Double-sided telecentric lens for 4/3" sensors

28 Feb 2012

Sill Optics present a new double-sided telecentric lens with a magnification of 0.77x for 4/3" sensors.

The new lens with the part number SILL TZM 3208/0,77 complements the existing series of Sill lenses for 4/3" sensors, and is ideally suited for operation in combination with large-sensor cameras. The SILL TZM 3208/0,77 has a C-mount thread which can be modified for cameras with M42 when complying with a flange focal length of less than 17.52mm. The lens therefore is the ideal match for use in combination with the Teledyne DALSA Falcon2 or Vieworks VC- 4MC-M/C-180EO-C cameras.

The newly designed lens offers a distortion of less than 0.05% and a working distance of 119.6mm. The SILL?TZM?3208/0,77 features a fixed iris, and its high resolution can resolve pixel sizes down to 3.45µm. So the new double- sided telecentric lens SILL TZM 3208/0,77 is predestined for measurement tasks with high resolutions and for operation on large-sensor cameras.

Sill Optics also complemented further lens series. The telecentric Compact Series lens SILL TZM 2599/0,4 gained a new model with an effective length of only 148.5mm and a magnification of 0.392x. Just like the other correctals of this series it offers a very short working distance of only 92mm, however it is suitable for 1" chips with a minimum pixel size of 4.6µm.

Sill Optics present yet another Correctal Series T85 telecentric lens – the SILL TZM 6041/0,1. It provides a clear aperture of 86mm and an effective length of 275.5mm. The new lens with a magnification of 0.195x and a working distance of 180mm fits perfectly into the series. It is designed specifically for 2/3" chips with a maximum pixel size of 3.45µm. Both telecentric lenses offer a C-mount thread, a variable iris and are also available with integrated coaxial light input.

Sill Optics

Wendelstein, Germany

Since its foundation in 1894, Sill Optics has been designing and manufacturing optical components of the highest quality. "100 % Made in Germany" stands for extensive knowledge and best quality manufactured in-house.


Seongnam City, South Korea

Founded in 1999, Vieworks has been actively serving digital imaging markets with its distinguished vision technologies.

Vieworks VC

Ultra high-speed machine vision cameras, based on global shutter CMOS sensors with frames rates up to 340fps.