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JAI reduce their prices for 3- and 4-CCD Cameras

1 Mar 2012

JAI has been optimising their production processes for 3- and 4-CCD cameras and is therefore able to offer these products at a lower price in the double- digit percentage range.

High quality, prism based cameras have simply been too cost-intensive for various applications in the past in order for their technical benefits to be economically feasible. Benefits of 3-CCD cameras over typical tri-linear cameras mainly include preservation of spatial resolution for each colour channel with simultaneous enhancement of colour fidelity and accuracy. There is no need for complex correction of image offset in order to achieve the high precision required for measurement applications (illustration 1).
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A further benefit emerges when handling objects with differing heights or surfaces, since the same large image area is being inspected every single time with all sensors, thus eliminating parallax errors (illustration 2).
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Operation of 4-CCD technology cameras such as the JAI line camera models LQ-050 CL, LQ-100 CL or LQ-200 CL adds a NIR sensor to the three R, G and B channel sensors. It captures a NIR image without offset to the colour channels.

Manufacturing of the prism blocks for all prism based Multi-CCD cameras requires very specific expertise JAI is proud to have gathered over the past years. The gathered expertise on prism technology and an expanded portfolio allowed our Danish partner to simplify their production processes and manufacture more cost-efficiently. The current double-digit price reduction for 3-CCD and 4-CCD cameras will be completely forwarded to our customers.

Therefore the costs for Multi-CCD/CMOS technology are now similar to those for tri-linear cameras. The use of innovative JAI technology for existing or future projects should be considered as an alternative. Our experts will be glad to support you and provide detailed information on JAI 3-CCD and 4-CCD technology.


Kopenhagen, Denmark

For more than 50 years JAI has delivered industrial CCD and CMOS cameras with innovative engineering, high-end quality, and operational reliability and durability.