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LMI Gocator 2300: Faster 3D Measurement and with Megapixel resolution

22 Feb 2012

Many 3D measurement and control applications today require high resolution measuring devices for inspection of small objects within a large object area. To meet demand, LMI Technologies have introduced the high-resolution LMI Gocator Series 2300.

These compact and smart next generation LMI Gocator 2300 3D sensors are identical to the Series 2000 in terms of working distance, measurement range and visual area. However they offer double the resolution with 1280 pixels. The pre-calibrated 3D sensors detect 3D profile data with higher speeds than previous models and offer resolutions within the micron range.

To handle the much higher data throughput rate the new sensors are equipped with a Gigagbit Ethernet interface. Standard M12 connectors take care of power supply, input, output and network connection.

The new LMI Gocator 2300 models are 49mm wide and therefore slightly thinner than the series 2000 sensors, facilitating installation in confined spaces or on robot arms. The smaller construction simplifies twin (master-slave) mounting in systems for lossless coverage of large areas. The model housings comply with IP67 protection class.

The LMI Gocator 2300 includes the recently announced new software features for all Gocator sensors. They include the so-called Whole Part Mode, turning 3D sensors into smart 3D cameras. It enables automatic detection of object beginning and end as well as recording, display and analysis of complete bodies as a point cloud. The announced communication extension by Modbus TCP over Ethernet has been integrated as well.

LMI provides the same web-browser interface as for the Series 2000 to facilitate easy and quick commissioning and system integration. The open source SDK allows a user friendly configuration.


Burnaby, Canada

LMI Technologies is a leading manufacturer of non-contact 3D smart sensors for inline factory automation, quality inspection, and material optimisation applications.