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Silicon Software microEnable IV: High-speed Grabbing

1 Mar 2012

Silicon Software presents the new model microEnable IV AD4-PoCL and VD4-PoCL, expanding their portfolio of high-speed frame grabbers for the CameraLink standard.

Both products now operate with Power over CameraLink. This technology is being supported by more and more camera models and is not restricted to sensors with moderate bandwidths. Since the image acquisition card supplies the camera with sufficient voltage, system solutions without a separate power adapter and with only a single cable can be realised. The Safe Power technology integrated in both cards offers a safety mechanism preventing damage from over-voltage or reverse polarity.

The microEnable IV AD4-PoCL and VD4-PoCL support all CameraLink standard performance classes and formats – Base, Medium and Full Configuration. Using the Silicon Software DMA900 technologies, even the theoretically possible bandwidth of 850MByte/s can be exceeded, taking full advantage of the high- speed cameras' performance. Even cameras with Double Full Configuration and PoCL technology are supported by both cards. They offer an image acquisition with a bandwidth of more than 1.5GB/s when connecting two frame grabbers.

The microEnable?IV?AD4-PoCL is an A Series model with focus on image capture and integrated image pre-processing. Alongside the excellent price-performance ratio, the product features a robustness suitable for industrial-grade operation and enhanced functionality for image optimisation and trigger control.

The microEnable?IV?VD4-PoCL card belongs to?the Silicon Software V Series, offering the properties of the microEnable?IV?AD4-PoCL plus extended image processing features. The card's FPGA Vision processor can be programmed easily via the graphical development tool VisualApplets. Filter operations and even complex application solutions can be realised using this tool, running in real time and removing load from the host computer's CPU.

microEnable IV AD4-PoCL and VD4-PoCL will be shipped with the Runtime 5.x software environment and support the Windows operating systems with 32 bit and 64 bit as well as Linux and QNX upon request.

Silicon Software

Mannheim, Germany

Silicon Software GmbH was founded in 1997 as a product development and manufacturing company with focus on the automation and machine vision markets. Headquarters are located in Mannheim, Germany where Silicon Software develops and produces off-the-shelf and customised OEM hardware and software solutions.

Silicon Software microEnable 4 

Programmable PCIe frame grabber for image capture GigE Vision cameras. With a high data transfer bandwidth it's ideally suited for use with line scan cameras.