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Smart Vision Lights: SP30 Spot Lights

1 Mar 2012

We are expanding our product portfolio by structured LED spot lights from our new vendor Smart Vision Lights.

These are LED spots in various colours from ultraviolet to infrared and in white colour, generating a crisp edge. Possible projection shapes include circles, single lines, multiple lines or custom patterns. These spots are especially interesting as an alternative to laser lines for triangulation operations, since certain problems such as speckles or zero order version can be avoided and white is available as a colour.

The lighting consists of a projector (SP30), a pattern template and optics suitable for 2/3" sensors. Depending on the type of operation, the pattern template and the optics can be replaced. The optics' focal length can be adjusted between 6 and 100mm and selected according to size of and distance to the pattern. The projected circle should be at least 2/3" in size in order for the pattern not to be cut. The higher the optics' quality (such as low distortion) the more precise the projection will be. There are currently five patterns available: single line, multiple lines, grid, cross and edge. Custom pattern can be provided for low costs.

Just like any other Smart Vision Lights product, the SP30 spot light is powered with 24V and can be triggered directly via the smart camera.

Smart Vision Lights

Muskegon, United States

Smart Vision Lights (SVL) was founded in 2007 in West Michigan and quickly developed into a leading developer and manufacturer of highperformance LED illumination systems with integrated current drive and IP rating.