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Achieving Japan quality through machine vision

18 Feb 2016

Scanware Electronic inspects tablets in blister packs after sealing with the aid of powerful machine vision systems. One of these, the Lynx Spectra HR, developed in close cooperation with STEMMER IMAGING and utilising up to six watercooled 3CCD colour cameras from JAI, is an ideal system structure for use in a tight space.

"Japan quality" is the magic phrase for manufacturers of pharmaceutical products. The visual appearance of products is extremely critical on the Japanese market, because Japanese consumers, even more so than in other cultures, lose confidence in the correctness of the manufacturing process and the overall quality of a product at even the slightest optical flaw. Medicaments thus become virtually unsaleable on account of just the tiniest of optical flaws. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, the appearance of the products thus becomes just as decisive a criterion as their effectiveness and harmlessness.