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High performance lenses for use with 1.1” image sensors

17 Jan 2019

The new Fujinon CF-ZA-1S series of ultrahigh resolution lenses has been introduced for high precision inspection and measurement applications using cameras featuring 1.1” image sensors. Satisfying the growing popularity for these larger diameter sensors with a small 2.5 µm pixel pitch (equivalent to 23 Mpixels), the new range contains lenses with focal lengths from 8 to 50 mm.

The CF-ZA-1S series combines exceptional optical performance with excellent mechanical stability in a compact build.

With an extremely small external diameter of just 39 mm for five models in the range and 54 mm for the 8 mm focal length version, the lenses use a unique mechanism that does not change the overall length of the lens even during focusing. This greatly simplifies integration into the production line.

High resolution optics for production line imaging

The lenses provide superior image clarity thanks to Fujifilm's proprietary 4D high resolution technology. This incorporates a mechanism for maintaining a constant high resolution from the centre of the image to the periphery and mitigating resolution degradation as the working distance and aperture setting change. The minimum operating distance ranges from 100 to 200 mm and the maximum chief ray angle is set at 4.9° as required by the latest high-resolution sensors, especially the Sony IMX253. This guarantees a high relative illumination across the entire image without vignetting.

In addition, at the commonly used aperture set of F4, the ratio of the light intensity at the periphery of the image circle compared to that at the centre is maintained at over 90%. This ensures that the lenses produce high quality images across the entire sensor and eliminates the need for light intensity compensation, which could introduce noise into the image.

These ultrahigh resolution lenses are designed for efficient, high-precision product inspection and measurement on production lines. They are suitable not only for the inspection and measurement of electronic and automotive components but also for larger products such as organic EL displays and LCD displays.

Mechanical stability

Fujinon’s patented anti-shock and vibration design allows the new range of lenses to be used in a variety of challenging manufacturing environments. The unique mechanisms limit shifts of the optical axis to 10 µm even under a shock up to 10G. This is the displacement of the image that occurs when vibrations and impacts result in the lens glass shifting from its original position.

The lens barrel has three fixing holes for the iris and focus which can be selected depending on the installation conditions. The screws for the iris and focus have a special “anti-separation structure“ which ensures that they will not drop out even in environments with strong vibrations. The small screws included do not extend beyond the external diameter of the lens and therefore provide greater freedom in system installation and design. In addition the screws cannot accidentally fall out and get lost or damage sensitive manufacturing machines during installation or maintenance.

Fujinon CF-ZA-1S

Designed for large sensor cameras with a maximum resolution of 23 MP and maximum image circle of 1.1".