DALSA Genie Nano


Break through the GigE limit

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PROSILICA monochrome area scan camera, dual Gigabit Ethernet

  • 43,5 mm Progressive-scan-CCD class 1 sensor
  • 6576 (H) x 4384 (V) pixel with 5.5 µm pixel size
  • Active sensor size 36.16 mm x 24.11 mm
  • special features: 128 MB memory, various trigger-modes: hardware or software, binning, RS232, programmable I/Os, motorized iris, focus, and zoom, video auto-iris
  • Frame rate 4 frames/s (at full resolution)
  • ROI (Independent x and y control; 1 pixel resolution) to increase the frame rate
  • Digital output via 2 x GigE Vision Standard (configured as Link Aggregation Group - LAG)
  • Output formats Mono8/16
  • Digitisation with 14-bit A/D-converter
  • Power consumption 5-24 VDC, < 7.6 W
  • Connector: 12-PIN Hirose, 2x RJ-45, micro miniature interface connector
  • Dimension (includes F-Mount): 60 x 60 x 136 (W x H x D in mm)
  • Dimension basic housing: 53 x 33 x 97 (W x H x D in mm)
  • Weight 510 g
  • Lens mount for F-Mount
  • Including free licence for CVB 2011 CameraSuite MultiOS, SDK and user GUI to configure the camera
  • CVB driver available
Product features
Weight (kg) 0.510
Vertical res. (Px) 4384
Spectral sensitivity Monochrome
Software driver CVB yes
Software CameraSuite yes
Shutter type Global shutter/Prog scan
Sensor type CCD
Sensor size (mm) 43.5
Sensor model KAI-29050
Sensor format Large format
Sensor configuration Single sensor
Scan type Area
Power supply voltage (DCV) 12
Pixel size (µm) 5.5
Output formats Mono8
Resolution (MP) 29.0
Manufacturer Allied Vision
Lens mount F-mount
Interface configuration LAG
Interface GigE Vision
Housing Standard
Horizontal res. (Px) 6576
Frame rate (Hz) 4
Dimension (width, mm) 33
Dimension (height, mm) 53
Dimension (depth, mm) 97
Digitalisation 14 bit A/D-converter
Current consumption (Watt) 7.6
Connector b: power Hirose 12-pin
Connector a: video 2x RJ45 (V)
Bit depth 8 / 12 / 14
Active sensor size (vertical, mm) 24.11
Active sensor size (horizontal, mm) 36.16