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Developer licence for CVB Foundation Package, licensed by a USB dongle.
CVB Foundation Package contains CVB Image Manager and can form the base module for the CVB premium tools.
CVB Foundation Package contains a large range of functionalities including:

  • Non-linear and geometric transformations – for 2D image calibration, taking into account perspective and lens distortion, shear transformations
  • Metric – 3D extrinsic alignment and intrinsic calibration, suitable for all modular and compact 3D sensors
  • Optical Flow – determination of local movement in images, suitable for PIV or flow applications
  • ZXBarcode – simple barcode and 2D code reader
  • Image segmentation – by watershed or gradient
  • Regression – for fitting to a circle, ellipse or line
  • Filtering – morphological, spatial and frequency filters (FFT) for image modification
  • Thresholding – fixed, dynamic and local threshold and pixel-by-pixel image threshold.

More basic functionality including:

  • Blob detection, edge detection
  • correlation search, image statistical analysis
  • configurable Bayer decoding with white balance and gamma, colour-space conversion,
  • image arithmetic, wavelet functionality and look-up tables (LUT) for intensity transformations.

New in CVB 2019 Foundation Package:

  • New APIs for Python, C++ and .NET as well as the existing C-API
  • CVB OPC UA - client and server functionality for machine-to-machine communincations
  • CVPolarization - a full toolkit for making use of the SONY and DALSA polarization sensors
  • Extendable by the CVB modular tools