Colour Line Scan Technology - Prism


Part 2 of our colour line scan series

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New model


Monochrome multi-line scan camera with extended dynamic range and CameraLink HS

  • Quad-linear CMOS sensor with 16,384 pixels, 5.0 µm pixel size
  • Pixel Fill-Faktor 100%
  • Sensor length 81.9 mm
  • Specials Features: multiple areas of interest for data reduction, flat-field correction, subpixel spatial correction, parallax correction independent start/stop and integrated exposure per line, simultaneous multi-lighting configuration
  • Camera configuration with graphical interface and from application interface with GenICam
  • Max. Line rate 300 kHz or 150 kHz x 2 (HDR Modus)
  • Sensitivity: 18 DN (nj/cm²) @ 1x gain in 8 bit (high CCE row), 3 DN (nj/cm²) @ 1 gain in 8 bit (low CCE row)
  • High full-well: High Responsitivity Line 7,2000 e- / Low Responsitivity Line 44,000 e- (typical, single row)
  • Dynamic range: 72 dB
  • Temperature range: 0°C – 65°C
  • Digital Output with 8 or 12 bits via Camera Link HS
  • Power consumption: 12 - 24 VDC, 25 W
  • Connector: Camera Link HS CX4 (cooper), 12-pin Hirose
  • Dimensions: 97 x 140.5 x 78.6 (B x H x L in mm)
  • Weight: 1200 g
  • Lens mount for M90 x 1

ATTENTION: due to the higher data rate of X-protocol: 10G, at this speed copper based cables will only work up to ~3 meters, not longer.
For longer cable distances, please use an active optical cable (AOC) e.g. DALSA AC-CA-00007-00-R-10M or –20M

Product features
Spectral sensitivity Monochrome
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor length (mm) 81.9
Sensor configuration Quad linear
Scan type Line
Pixel size (µm) 5.0
Max. line freq. (kHz) 300
Manufacturer Teledyne DALSA
Lens mount M90
Interface CameraLink HS
Horizontal res. (Px) 16384
Connector a: video CX4
Bit depth 8 / 12
Bandwidth (MByte/s) 3300