Colour Line Scan Technology - Prism


Part 2 of our colour line scan series

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Colour line scan camera with CameraLink, 4 CMOSF-Mount

  • Quad CMOS sensors for RGB and NIR channels
  • line with 4096 pixel, 7 µm pixel size
  • Sensor length 28.672 mm
  • Line rate: 18.25 KHz
  • Specifics: one push white balance, binning (H), test pattern generator, LUT, Flat Shading correction and Colour Shading Compensation, noise reduction function
  • Trigger modes: no-shutter, shutter-select, pulse with control
  • Pixel-Clock 84 MHz
  • Shutter time 9.52 µs (in 11.9ns steps resp. 1 clk) up to 14.20 ms
  • Responsivity 2800 Lux (Line Rate=600 µs, gain 0 dB, Shutter=OFF, Lens iris= F2, 100% output), NIR: 2.35 µW/cm² at 800 nm
  • S/N-Ratio >55 dB (Master = G: -0 up to +8dB, R,B,NIR: -4 to +6dB, Individuell: R,G,B,NIR: -4 up to +14dB)
  • Functions controlled by Camera Link or RS232, Trigger, line rate, exposure time, gain/black level, shading correction, flat-field correction, white balance, diagnostics
  • Digital output: 4 x 8bits or 4 x 10 bits via 2x CameraLink
  • Power consumption: 12 to 24 VDC, 12W (at 12VDC)
  • Rear panel LED indicator (power)
  • Connectors: 12-Pin Hirose, 2 x MDR26
  • Dimension: 90 x 90 x 120 (W x H x D in mm)
  • Weight: 1050 g
  • Lens mount for F-mount (optional M52, max. allowed rear protrusion on lenses: 13 mm)
  • Please order 12-pin HIROSE and PSU 12V/1.5A separately if required
Product features
Weight (kg) 1.050
Spectral sensitivity Colour / NIR
Software CameraSuite no
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor length (mm) 28.67
Sensor configuration 4 sensor prism
Scan type Line
Power supply voltage (VDC) 12-24
Pixel clock (MHz) 84
Pixel size (µm) 7.00
Output formats RGB
Max. line freq. (kHz) 18.0
Manufacturer JAI
Lens mount Nikon F-Mount
Interface configuration CameraLink Medium
Interface CameraLink
Horizontal res. (Px) 4096
Dimension (width, mm) 90.00
Dimension (height, mm) 90.00
Dimension (depth, mm) 120.0
Power consumption (W) 12.0
Connector b: power Hirose 12-pin
Connector a: video 2x CL
Bit depth 8 / 10
Bandwidth (MByte/s) 34
Active sensor size (vertical, mm) 28.67
Active sensor size (horizontal, mm) 28.67