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Allied Vision Bonito - High Speed Machine Vision camera for high-resolution motioncapture

  • High Speed Machine Vision camera for high-resolution motion capture
  • For fast frame rates and excellent image quality
  • Global Shutter CMOS sensor with excellent sensitivity due to microlenses
  • Up to 386 fps at 4 Megapixel resolution
  • Considerably higher frame rates can be reached with a smaller ROI
  • Monochrome and colour versions
  • CameraLink interface
  • Robust, lightweight, and very compact aluminium housing
  • Very low power consumption


  • 200 fps version
    • 193 fps at full resolution
    • 1 x 10-tap Camera Link Full+ interface
  • 400 fps version
    • 386 fps at 4 Megapixel resolution
    • Ultra-fast 2 x 10-tap Camera Link Full+ interface


  • Lens: C-mount, F-mount or EF-mount
  • Interface: Camera Link Full+
  • Software: Compatible with Common Vision Blox

Markets & Applications

  • Applications with high demands on image quality and very fast frame rates
  • Motion capture with high resolution
  • 3D recordings of still and moving objects
  • Science and research
  • Medical imaging
  • General High Speed imaging


  • ROI (Region of Interest)
  • Fixed pattern noise (FPN) correction
  • Digital Gain (selects 8 bits of 10 bits for output)
  • Offset (brightness)
  • Exposure time 1.5 µs, up to 1 s (recommended), >1s also possible
  • Two readout modes:
    • 386 fps with two 10-tap Camera Link outputs
    • 193 fps with one 10-tap Camera Link output
  • Continuous mode (image acquisition with maximum frame rate)
  • Image on Demand mode (triggered image acquisition)

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Cabling accessories


I/O Cable for Bonito series

  • DSUB 15 connector (2-row) to open ends
  • Cable type 12 x AWG24 (UL)
  • Colour ...
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