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Fibre ring lights

The CCS HFS flexible light guide can be used to move the HLV illuminator away from the inspection area. Ideal where space is limited or to minimise heat from the illuminated area.

HFS illuminations are designed for use with macro lenses to provide light exactly where it is required. This straight-type fibre head has a tip that has the same shape as a straight light guide, with a 8 mm diameter. This enables it to be mounted directly on a coaxial-type macro or telecentric lens.

The HFR series is a range of micro ring light heads designed to be used with the HLV spotlights. In contrast to conventional halogen lights that generally illuminate a wide area, the HFR micro ring light heads project a well-defined beam and maintain a very even illumination over the field of view.

Tightly focused

They provides high brightness where it is required thanks to focused light beam - in contrast to conventional halogen lights they only illuminate the required field of view. Ideal for moving the illuminator away from the inspection area if space is limited or to minimise heat.

Flexible use

These lights are especially suited to inspecting very small objects, they have very flexible illumination options with the ability to select illumination range, angle and luminosity. They are also available as spot or ring lights.


HFS fibre light guide

  • Configuration: straight light units
  • Working distance: 8 - 12 mm / 15 - 25 mm / 25 - 30 mm
  • Wavelength: 300 - 1300 nm
  • Dimensions: tip diameter 8mm, fibre diameter 6 mm, fibre length 500 mm
  • Fibre material: glass

HFR fibre optic ring light shape

  • Configuration: ring type light guide
  • Wavelength: 400 - 700 nm
  • Working distance: 10 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm
  • Emitting surface: 5 mm and 10 mm
  • Dimensions: 27 mm and 40 mm outer diameter
  • Fibre material: plastic

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