Machine Vision Illumination - STEMMER IMAGING


Widest choice of technologies to maximise

the visibility of your object

CCS HFS/HFR - Fibre ring lights and spot lights

  • Provides high brightness thanks to focussed light beam
  • In contrast to conventional halogen lights illuminates only the required field of view
  • Especially suited to inspecting very small objects
  • Very flexible illumination options by selecting illumination range, angle and luminosity
  • Available as spot or ring light


  • CCS HFR:
    • Micro ring light heads
    • Possibility for exact colour control by combining three light sources with different colours
    • Small form factor for use in applications with limited space
  • CCS HFS:
    • Ideal to move the illuminator away from the inspection area if space is limited or to minimise heat from the illuminated area
    • Illuminator stays in place while light source can be changed (e.g. change of light colour)
    • Designed for use with macro lenses


  • Spectral range: 400-700 nm
  • Fibre material:
    • HFR: plastic
    • HFS: glass

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CCS HFR-25-10

CCS fibre optic ring light for use with CCS HLV2-22-NR

  • WD 10mm, illumination spot 5mm diameter

CCS HFR-25-30

CCS fibre optic ring light for use with CCS HLV2-22-NR light sources
WD 30mm, illumination spot 10mm diameter

CCS HFR-40-20

High condensing micro fiber-head with three independent arrays

  • Can be attached to the light source for micro fiber-head
  • Easy cabling ...
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