Machine Vision Illumination - STEMMER IMAGING


Widest choice of technologies to maximise

the visibility of your object


Flat, coaxial front lighting units

The LFX3 series combines the benefits of coaxial front illumination with those of traditional dome illumination permitting full-field, shadowfree illumination suitable for a wide variety of objects.

The LFX3 series is ideal for providing uniform illumination not only on glossy surfaces, but also to provide an even, shadowfree, diffused illumination when inspecting curved or uneven surfaces. The compact, light-weight, and ultra thin design allows the unit to be used in situations where space is very limited and the height of traditional dome lights is not an option. All models in the LFX3 range are available in red, white, blue and infrared 860nm.


This technology uses a special dot pattern on the diffuser that floods the object with a very uniform light. The increased intensity capability of the LFX3 series allows the use of flat coaxial illumination for higher speed applications. Shutter times of up to 1/24000 s can be achieved. 


Extending the portfolio of the LFX3, the LFX3-PT has a line pattern to detect irregularities on glossy surfaces normally required a combination of multiple light units for one inspection or required using large light units which would take up a great deal of space in the machine. As soon as an irregularity enters the field of vision, the straight lines will be seen as curved lines, making the detection of the irregularity very easy. This new line pattern is available in two different patterns, one with a 1mm interval and the other one with a 2mm interval.


  • Connector: standard connector, M12 and flying leads
  • Colour: red, white, blue and infrared 857nm
  • LFX3 Dimensions: outer dimensions of 43x52 mm up to 243 x 243 mm    
  • LFX3-PT Dimensions: outer dimensions of 93x93 mm up to 243 x 243 mm
  • Power: 24 V