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Highly collimated light output for metrology

The unique optical design of the CCS MFU series allows for a collimated light output, which suppresses the wraparound of light, making precise dimension measuring possible.

Traditional back lights make it difficult to emphasize edges of silhouettes, because of light wrapping around the workpiece. This makes it difficult to do accurate dimensional measurements.

CCS KT-MFU models available that can be used together with the HLV3-C Spot Light Series. This allows for increased brightness, which is beneficial for high speed inspections.

Reasons for CCS MFU

Designed for accurate dimension measuring

The light emission of the CCS MFU is suitable for highly accurate dimension measuring and inspection of fine burrs due to the unique optical design which achieves highly accurate imaging that prevents light from wrapping around the workpiece. Light convergence can be adjusted according to the lens on the imaging side.

Perfect images for further image analysis

The CCS MFU coaxial lights provide collimated lighting from behind the workpiece and result in a collimated output to suppress wraparound of light, emphasizing edges of silhouettes.

New 24 V type MFU for a wider range of control units

The 12V type and the new 24V type are available. Using new 24V type MFU series with 24V lighting equipment alleviates the need for multiple control units.


  • Colour: blue
  • Power supply:12 V and 24 V available

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Model Lighting technique Lighting geometry Light colour Light distribution Beam angle
CCS MFU-34X30-BL2-24 New model backlight coaxial illumination Blue direct collimated
CCS MFU-54X40-BL2-24 New model backlight Blue direct collimated