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CCS Natural White Light

LED illumination to resemble natural sunlight

High colour rendering (natural light) LEDs produce a smooth continuous light spectrum characteristic across all wavelengths. They aim to create a light spectrum similar to sunlight and reproduce the true colour of an object. While normal white LEDs and fluorescent lights have some wavelength regions that are very strong or even missing, the CCS high colour rendering LEDs cover almost the entire range of visible light

Normally, a light source with good light rendering properties can illuminate an object without changing it's colours. The excellent colour rendering of CCS natural white light makes it ideal for critical laboratory experiments. Colour rendering refers to how well a colour is reproduced with a given illumination, compared to sunlight illumination. The illumination achieves a rendering index of Ra98 (of max. 100), compared to standard white LED illumination which scores Ra80. With applications that require human observation, natural white light illumination reduces stress on the human eye (as it closely corresponds to daylight).

CCS supply a number of different lights in this range including ring lights, bar lights, spot lights, dome lights and back lights. A few examples are presented here, but CCS accept custom orders and size changes. For details on availability, please contact your sales representative.

Markets and Applications

These lights are ideal for applications that require continuous human observation or in colour inspection applications (eg print inspection) where colour temperature and spectral output of the light source are critical.

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Ring lights


Microscope Illumination with Natural Light White LEDs

  • Outerdiameter 110 mm
  • Innerdiameter 62,2 mm
  • Colour White Natural Light Ra 98 ...