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CVB Spectral

Software to create and for handling of hyperspectral cubes

CVB Spectral is a tool for the acquisition and basic processing of hyperspectral data. This rapidly-growing sector of the imaging market captures spatial and wavelength information to enable

  • Chemical analysis of materials. By using the absorption of light at specific wavelengths to identify chemical signatures, it is possible to analyse materials. This is particularly useful for the food and pharmaceutical industries where impurities and foreign materials are critical to customer safety.

  • Wavelength-correct colour analysis. The separation of light by wavelength allows calibrated colour information to be created – colorimetry over an area to a degree that is far higher than from Bayer or prism-based cameras.

CVB Spectral allows users to acquire the spatial and wavelength information direct from a hyperspectral camera or from files in the form of ENVI datacubes (x, y and wavelength). At the most basic level, the tool can slice the datacube to create 2D image data. This can be spatial (x,y) at a specified wavelength, or spatio-wavelength data. Transposing and cropping datacubes can be done remarkably quickly as no copying of data is required. This then allows further processing by conventional image processing tools.

For cubes in the visible spectrum, CVB Spectral allow conversion to XYZ, sRGB and Lab colour image formats. The tool also allows a selection of standard observers to account for a standardised response to colour. There is also a choice of standard illuminants to account for different light sources.

The metadata present in datacubes often provides format and wavelengths of the data, so this is easily available within CVB Spectral.