Machine vision: Powerful core technology

CVS ImageStation RS

Systems for archiving recorded video sequences

The use of recordings of video sequences (very long recordings in many cases) and their filing, transport or intermediate storage have become commonplace for many years now in the machine vision segment and in many other sectors with image sources. The demand for recorders designed particularly for these purposes is again growing strongly as a consequence of faster and faster processes and new technical possibilities. Recorded video sequences are often only archived in the case of very fast processes, because it is not possible to process the sequences at full recording speed. Sequences in these situations are therefore first archived and later processed offline.

STEMMER IMAGING's extensive range of components coupled with the company's wealth of know-how in the configuration of vision systems make it possible for us to produce extremely powerful customised systems for archiving recorded video sequences. Our recorders are specially designed to meet the requirements of our customers and applications. The great flexibility of our CVS ImageStation RS is only made possible by use of our image processing software, Common Vision Blox with the powerful recording tool CVB Movie.

Available standard systems

The variants of the CVS ImageStation RS are extremely multifaceted: All camera technologies (monochrome or colour, area array or line scan cameras, simple or high-speed cameras) can be used for inputting with nearly any number of cameras in each system. Different trigger options can also be realized according to requirement.

For your archiving needs, we can provide you with all storage memory dimensions that modern PC technology has to offer. The same applies to transfer speed and recording timeframes. Frame rates in the order of several thousand frames/s and continuous transfer rates of 500 Mbyte/s are not unusual today. We could even achieve transfer rates of 700 Mbyte/s under laboratory conditions with readily available PC components. The generated data with a volume of up to several terabytes can be securely backed up on different hard disks.

Markets and Applications

  • Automotive construction industry (e.g. crash tests, measurement of car bodies)
  • Printing sector
  • Medical technology (e.g. analysis of diagnostic images, sleep observation laboratory)
  • Sports (e.g. motion analysis)
  • Film industry
  • Traffic monitoring