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CVX Lens Control - Lens control with RS232 interface

The CVX Lens Control has been developed to control for aperture, focus and zoom on motorised lenses via RS232 interface of a PC system.

The CVX Lens Control-P is especially designed for lenses that provide feedback on the position using a wiper contact on a potentiometer. This makes it possible to save certain settings for the various lens components and to call them up at a later time. In order to achieve the greatest possible level of precision, the CVX Lens Control-P features an error correction facility matched to each individual lens. To use this facility, each lens must be calibrated once. This is a simple, uncomplicated operation requiring only a few clicks of the mouse.

The included software enables quick and easy control of the CVX Lens Control resp. CVX Lens Control-P from a PC.

Both controls use a simple command set making it easy to implement customer- specific applications.

The housing can be easily mounted on a DIN-Rail.


  • Lens control via RS232 interface
  • For all lenses with motor controlled zoom, focus and aperture resp. for all DC motor controlled lenses with position information by potentiometer (CVX Lens Control-P)
  • Output voltage 5 and 8 to 12 V DC
  • Compact aluminium housing
  • DIN-Controller
  • Demo software included

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Lens control via RS232 for aperture, zoom and focus

  • Top-hat rail (DIN-rail) controller
  • For all lenses with motor control
  • Output ...


Lens control via RS232 for aperture, zoom and focus
for all DC motor controlled lenses with feedback on the position ...




  • Connecting cable from controller to lens
  • Including RS232 and power supply
  • Including connector for the lens ...
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