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Teledyne DALSA PC2-Comp - Cost effective PCI-Express Frame Grabber

Teledyne DALSA's PC2Comp Express is a cost effective PCI Express Frame Grabber allowing video capture from up to six colour or monochrome composite video or two S video cameras. The PC2-Comp Express offers multiplexed acquisition channels capable of acquiring video from NTSC/RS170 or PAL/CCIR cameras. Digitized images are transferred using onboard DMA to VGA display and system memory in real-time without loading the host computer resources.

For superior image acquisition, the PC2-Comp Express’s highly adaptive programmable input filters offer brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and sharpness control. The programmable input gain controller allows automatic or manual adjustments. The input video can be flipped horizontally (image mirroring) or inverted vertically in real-time to maintain a consistent visual orientation.
Furthermore, the PC2-Comp Express features interpolated scale down by an arbitrary factor for the entire image or a region-of interest.


  • Captures up to six analogue colour or monochrome composite video cameras
  • Captures up to two S video cameras
  • Supports standard RS170, NTSC, CCIR and PAL formats
  • Up to 8 MB frame buffer memory
  • Programmable input filters for superior image quality
  • Adaptive comb filter
  • Real-time transfer to host
  • TTL Trigger Input
  • Trigger-to-Image-Reliability for maximum data security
  • Supports Sapera

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