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Teledyne DALSA Piranha XL

Fast defect detection even with low light

  • Multiline TDI line scan camera with CMOS sensor
  • Monochrome and colour models available
  • Colour model with tri-colour sensor operation: each colour uses 4 rows
  • High line rates of up to 125 kHz for high speed applications
  • High resolution of 8k or 16k for detailed images
  • High responsivity with low noise for excellent image results even in low light environments
  • True exposure control
  • Smart lens shading correction
  • Subpixel and parallax correction to match web speed and angle
  • Stop/start seamless imaging
  • Trigger to image reliability framework to help protect from data loss by controlling and monitoring the process from triggering to image capture and transfer to host memory end-to-end
  • Compatible CX4 active optical cable for distances of several hundred meters

5 Reasons for DALSA Piranha XL

You need very precise inspection results even in difficult lighting conditions

The image quality of the DALSA Piranha XL excels thanks to a combination of various features: the high resolution results shows the smallest details in the inspected object. Even in low light conditions you do not lose these details because the high responsivity reduces noise and thus allows to still see all the details. And if you have unevenly lit scenes or objects with strong contrasts the LUT allows to adapt the output signal to ensure that details are seen as well in the dark as well as in the bright parts of the image.

Your benefits:

  • You achieve more precise and reliable inspection results and therefore better product quality.
  • You can save cost by using less illumination.
You want to have a high throughput and need to run a fast inspection

The DALSA Piranha XL delivers line rates of up to 125 kHz. The bidirectionality adds to the speed of your inspection because multiple scans can be executed quickly. Using the AOI and ROI capability of the Piranha XL to only scan the relevant objects areas will reduce the amount of data that needs to be processed so that your PC infrastructure will be able to handle the amount of data that high throughput produces.

Your benefits:

  • You can reduce time needed for inspection.
  • You can save cost for investment in PC infrastructure since the existing infrastructure might be sufficient.
You want to remain flexible for different applications

With the DALSA Piranha XL monochrome you have the choice between 4, 8, or 12 row mode so you can adjust the number of lines used according to your current application requirements and light conditions.

Your benefit:

  • You can react flexibly to changing application requirements.
You want to check security marks or other features invisible in visible light

A rarely seen feature of the DALSA Piranha XL monochrome is the enhanced sensitivity in the UV region. This enables you to check object features like security marks that cannot be seen in visible light.

Your benefit:

  • You can save significant purchase cost for additional cameras with UV sensitivity.
You want to have full control of your image acquisition process and prevent errors

The Trigger to Image Reliability (T2IR) framework built into the Piranha XL safeguards every bit of the camera's data throughput.

Your benefit:

  • You can increase uptime and like this improve productivity and lower cost.


  • Resolution: 8,100 or 16,352 pixels
  • Maximum line rate:
    • Monochrome model: 125 kHz
    • Colour model: 70 kHz
  • Pixel size: 5 µm x 5 µm
  • Row selection: 4, 8 or 12 rows
  • Interface: CameraLink HS

Markets and Applications

  • Flat panel display inspection
  • Printed circuit board inspection
  • Film inspection
  • Glass inspection
  • Print inspection
  • Large format web inspection
  • High performance machine vision

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Model Interface Lens mount Pixel size (µm) Horizontal res. Max. line freq. (kHz) Sensor length (mm)
DALSA PX-HC-08k07T CameraLink HS M58 5.0 8160 70 40.8
DALSA PX-HC-16k04T CameraLink HS M90 5.0 16352 40 81.8
DALSA PX-HC-16k07T CameraLink HS M90 5.0 16352 70 81.8
DALSA PX-HM-16k06 XDR CameraLink HS M90 5.0 16352 60 81.8
DALSA PX-HM-16k12 XDR CameraLink HS M90 5.0 16352 125 81.8
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