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Teledyne DALSA Spyder3 Color - Colour line scan cameras with dual line scan CCD

Teledyne DALSA’s Spyder3 Color is a colour line scan camera family based on the successful Spyder3, dual line-scan monochrome model. This camera series provides high colour fidelity, flexibility, and a low cost solution.

The Spyder3 Color uses alternating red and blue colour pixels in one line with the green pixels in the second line and with no spacing between the lines. This eliminates spatial artefacts and results in high colour quality, especially when capturing images of rotating or freefall objects. The camera offers several colour output options, including RGB, RG/BG, or G only to meet different imaging requirements. This camera also incorporates advanced features such as flat field correction, automatic white balance, and is pre- calibrated for light sources such as white LEDs.

Markets & Applications

  • Wood, tile, and paper inspection
  • Cotton and textile inspection
  • Food, drug, and tobacco inspection
  • Recycling sorting
  • General vision application


  • High resolution (2k/14 µm and 4k/10 µm pixels resolution)
  • High throughput (80 Megapixels/s throughput, max 18 kHz line rate)
  • RGB, RG/BG, or G output formats
  • Choice of interface - CameraLink or GigE
  • Anti-blooming and exposure control
  • Pre-calibrated light sources
  • Cost effective and easy to use
  • CameraLink configuration

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Model Interface Lens mount Pixel size (µm) Horizontal res. Max. line freq. (kHz) Sensor length (mm)
DALSA SC-34-02K80 CameraLink M42, F-mount 14.0 2048 18 28.4
DALSA SG-34-02K80 GigE Vision M42, F-mount 14.0 2048 18 28.4

CAM AC-UN-00008

F-mount adapter with reinforced Nikon-Bayonet
* For adaptation (with 4 mounting screws) on the camera front plate

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