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Datapath VisionIO

4k capture cards with zero latency loop through (with overlay)

Today’s most popular 4K video standards are inherently point-to-point in nature, yet systems are required to split video pipelines whenever capture and monitoring is required simultaneously. Duplicating frames in software adds latency and uses system resource, whilst external signal splitters are often too cumbersome and unreliable for many professional applications.

The Datapath VisionIO cards provide 4K capable zero latency loop through ports, each with alpha-blended overlay capability. When connected in series between the video source and the local monitor, the VisionIO is capable of capturing video at full quality whilst mixing overlay data into the live monitoring path without adding latency.

Reasons to use Datapath Vision IO

Live video feed and recording with minimal latency

The VisionIO offers a unique solution for the operator who needs both live video and overlay data to be displayed on a single monitor, whilst recording the stream in the background. Whether in a medical operating room overlaying patient data onto surgical camera inputs, or whether adding overlays in augmented reality (AR) based applications, the VisionIO offers a unique and professional solution to the market.

An uninterrupted main video feed

The VisionIO provides a fail-safe mechanism for the loop through ports, requiring only power for video pass through to be operational. Additionally, the overlay hardware contains a timeout mechanism to prevent applications from corrupting the main video feed in the event of a software crash or other system failure.

Optimised software and drivers

The VisionIO series is supported by the Datapath Vision performance driver. Optimised at the lowest level to work efficiently with proprietary Datapath hardware, the Vision performance driver provides users with a variety of features including livestream, multistream, precision hardware timestamping, efficient DMA transfer, flexible signal detection and automatic mode changing.


  • Latency: zero latency loop through with overlay
  • Hardware: real time hardware overlay
  • Resolution: up to 4096 x 2160p @60Hz
  • I/O: models available with 3G SDI inputs/outputs and HDMI 2.0/DisplayPort 1.2 inputs/outputs
  • PC interface: 8 lane PCI Express 3.0 providing 6 GB capture bandwidth
  • Operating system: Windows XP up to Windows 10
  • Software: Datapath Vision performance driver
  • Other features: fail-safe mechanism for the loop through ports, multistream capture, supported by the Datapath Vision performance driver

Markets and Applications

  • Medical operating rooms
  • Augmented Reality (AR)

Low latency capture with livestream

An alternative to triple buffering is livestream Mode. Livestream effectively bypasses the onboard triple buffer allowing the very latest video frame to be delivered to users with minimum latency. For applications where only one client is required livestream offers the lowest possible capture latency. This is in addition to the VISIO IO 0 latency overlay pass through mode.

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