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FiberOptic Intralux DC-1100

Stabilised halogen cold light source with high lightyield

The Intralux DC-1100 is a halogen cold light source which has been developed for imaging in industrial environments. Unlike other light sources with similar performance, the Intralux DC-1100 offers features which make it particularly suitable for vision applications.

The light source is protected by a robust metal housing which can be easily opened for rapid lamp changes thus minimising stoppage times. A highly stabilised direct current regulator ensures uniform illumination to ensure flicker-free image reproduction in electronic cameras.

The brightness of the lamp is voltage controlled, either manually or by means of the integrated RS-232 interface. In addition, the DC-1100 uses a patented ‘crescent shaped’ diaphragm. This can be used for continuous light adjustment between 0% and 100% without any change of the colour temperature at the light output. This is particularly useful when dealing with objects that are difficult to illuminate or when working with colour cameras. This allows users to find the ideal balance between colour temperature and lamp service life.

Thanks to the separation of the light generation and light output, fibre-optic illumination can be used to inspect poorly accessible objects, such as products in difficult to reach areas, as this type of illumination does not need a great deal of space in which to operate. Because glass-fibre light guides do not transfer any radiated heat, no heat damage is done to the inspected object.


Extremely well stabilised light source for use with CCD cameras

  • Very high light intensity
  • Linear DC regulation
  • Continuous light intensity control using a patented crescent-shaped diaphragm
  • External control via RS-232 interface
  • Analogue output for lamp voltage
  • Compact, robust metal housing
  • Easy lamp replacement thanks to easy-to-open housing cover
  • Integrated IR protection filter
  • Internal insert for colour or daylight filters

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Compact cold light source in a robust industrial housing

  • DC-stabilized light source for use with CCD-cameras
  • Halogen, white (3280 K ...


Replacement Lamp for Intralux DC1100, DC-1100/SH und DC-1100/UNI

  • Halogen (EKE), white
  • Power requiremen 21 VDC; 150 W


Halogen bulb 21 VDC / 150 W for lightsource Intralux DC-1100, DC-1100/SH and DC-1100/UNI