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Gardasoft CC320

Timing controller for machine vision

The CC320 from Gardasoft is a complete Ethernet multi-trigger module that considerably reduces the development work for precise control of numerous events.

This central control unit is responsible for triggering the camera and monitoring the reject gates. The triggers can be released in response to delays or according to the rhythm of the conveyor belt.

Reasons to use the Gardasoft CC320

Highly flexible I/O options

With the CC320, different cameras can be triggered at different times. The duration of the trigger signal can be used for control of the exposure time. The reject gate can also be controlled using the module. An output activates the gate upon receiving a pass/fail signal and after a corresponding delay.

Engineered for industrial requirements

In the case of systems with different timings or band speeds, an encoder can be used to establish exact synchronisation with the band speed. The band can be held up if necessary, or even run backwards, in order to obtain the correct timing for rejection.

Remote access capability

The CC320 works as a mini web server and can be accessed from a remote PC through the image processing software. The top-hat rail module requires only an IP address that is entered using the controls on the front panel or via a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server. The CC320 can be controlled through the integrated web server by means of simple string commands from any application via TCP/IP or UDP, or alternatively through the front panel.


  • Channels: 8 opto-isolated inputs, 8 outputs
  • Functions: synchronisation over external encoder-input or external clock source (including AB-inputs), trigger generator mode, FiFo mode, position trigger mode
  • Frequency: incremental encoder frequency max. 200 kHz
  • Power supply: 12-24 VDC (100mA)
  • Configuration: push-button or Ethernet (static or DHCP)

Remote access capability using the CC320 as a mini web server


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Ethernet Multi-Trigger module

  • 8 opto-isolated inputs, 8 outputs
  • control over Ethernet – 10Mbits or via “push buttons”
  • permanent or dynamic IP ...
Mechanical accessories


DIN Rail Mounting kit for GARD CC 320

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