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Gardasoft RC

Precise and cost-effective strobe controller

This single channel controller offers all of the features of the latest controller technologies at a very competitive price.

Timing control down is to 100 us (pulse width), it also has safe overdriving for the LEDs thanks the patented SafeSense Technology, reduced power loss, low voltage consumption and low heat dissipation thanks the patented SafePower Technology.

More freedom in the choice of the power supply voltage as the output voltage is not limited to the supply voltage.

2 Versions are available: RC100 with push-button interface and RC120 with Ethernet interface.

Reasons to choose the Gardasoft RC

Patented SafeSense technology for a safe overdriving of LED Lights

Accurate overdriving is a major step forward in LED lighting control; equally it is important to ensure that the lighting can never be overdriven outside of permissible current ratings. Gardasoft solves this problem: When a light is connected, the SafeSense technology runs a rapid routine that determines the actual rating of the light. SafeSense imposes safe working limits based on the pulse width and duty cycle for overdriving, thus providing full protection. In constant mode, the maximum output current allowed would be the maximum rating defined by SafeSense.

SafeSense works by using the following techniques:

  • Sensing when a light is connected
  • Finding the current rating of the light
  • Driving the light within safe limits
  • Detecting faults
Patented SafePower technology for reduced heat dissipation and less limitation in the choice of the power supply

SafePower adjusts the load voltage to the requirements of the LED automatically. Consequently the power lost is reduced to a minimum and a heatsink is not needed to dissipate overheating. As the load voltage can be higher than the supply voltage (as long as the total required power is available), a usual 24 V power supply can be used to supply the light, even for overdriving mode. Reduced power loss for each channel allows you to combine different lights with different modes without exceeding the maximum allowed power dissipation of the controller.


  • Channels: single output channel
  • Pulse width: 100 µs up to 100 ms
  • Max. output current: up to 2 A (RC120 model), continuous current up to 1.2 A (RC120 model)
  • Output voltage: 0 - 32 V
  • Power dissipation: up to 25 W
  • Power supply: 24 V ±10 %
  • Configuration: push-button (RC100 model) or Ethernet interface (RC120 model)
  • Mechanical: pluggable screw terminal (DIN rail mount)

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Controller for LED lights

  • one output channel
  • Configuration via push-botton
  • Max. output current per channel: pulse current up to 1 ...


Controller for LED lights

  • one output channel
  • Configuration via Ethernet interface
  • Max. output current per channel: pulse current up to ...
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