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Gardasoft VCT6 - LED strobe lights for demanding ITS applications

  • Very powerful LED strobe illumination for mobile traffic monitoring applications
  • Comprehensive set of functionalities and features to meet high claims on system performance:
    • Intensity control and internal timing to provide the exact amount of light needed
    • Trigger input for exact synchronisation of illumination and camera exposure resulting in optimal image quality
    • Trigger output to enable communication between external input signals (e.g. from road sensor) and camera without the need of further components for signal clean up
    • IP65 rated housing to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • High flexibility to fulfil the needs of the individual application:
    • Different wavelengths (white and IR) to optimally expose the relevant features of the target object
    • Different beam angles to exactly illuminate the required region of interest
    • PCB variant for installation in proprietary systems
  • Easy adaptation to changing control conditions through remote configuration using RS232 or Ethernet communications
  • Cost and energy efficient solution thanks to LED technology:
    • Possibility of strobing so light is only turned on when needed leading to increased LED life time
    • Light intensity and pulse width can be precisely controlled through the trigger input from the camera so only the required amount of light is emitted resulting in lower energy and maintenance costs

Markets & applications

  • ANPR (automatic number plate recognition)
  • Red light violation
  • Open road tolling
  • Weigh-in motion systems


  • Wavelength: 850 nm, 940 nm, white, others available on request
  • Pulse width timing control: internal timing or external control
  • Maximum pulse width: 2 ms
  • Power supply requirements: 12-24 VDC

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