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IP+ Rated Lights 

Lights for harsh environments

Whether its in the food industry, in dirty and dusty environments or even in clean rooms – the cost and effort involved in housing a component in an IP-protected enclosure is extremely high and expensive. For demanding applications like these, our suppliers offer IP-rated products within their portfolios for diverse designs, saving you the tedious search for a suitable additional housing for your lighting system.

Advantages of using IP rated products

  • No need for an additional housing saving you time and money. Compact designs mean lights can be implemented in tight spaces.

  • Some products even meet FDA compliance for food enabling shorter approval procedures.

  • Some products have stainless steel 316 which do not corrode as easily and allow cleaning procedures with water. This is especially needed in dusty environments.

Markets and Applications

These are general purpose illumination products fitting a wide range of applications.    IP rating makes it particularly suitable for applications elevated protection requirements, like in the food and medical area.