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JAI Wave

Dual-band SWIR line scan camera

The JAI Wave prism-based infrared camera has been especially developed for the short-wavelength infrared spectrum (SWIR) and combines the benefits of simultaneous dual-band line scan cameras and IR imaging.

The two InGaAs line scan sensors with wavelength bands ranging from 900 nm up to 1350 nm as well as from 1400 nm up to 1700 nm reach the highest spatial resolutions. They offer three times higher resolutions than conventional InGaAs area detectors and enable you to acquire images that R-G-B and NIR will not be able to identify.

The JAI WA-1000D-CL is perfectly suited for the inline testing of material on conveyor belts, such as the sorting of flakes made from different types of plastic.

Advantages of the JAI Wave

High quality image data

The camera is designed for high precision inspection tasks, featuring two InGaAs line scan sensors for increased sensitivity. With two lines, leverage differences in absorptive and reflective properties at specific wavelengths can be analysed. This can aid in sorting or examining of substances, using ways that aren’t possible using a single spectral band.

Detection of material properties invisible to the human eye

Operating in the sensitive NIR/SWIR spectral range from 900 nm – 1700 nm, the JAI Wave opens up numerous new possibilities for machine vision solutions. Applications that seemed not solvable until now can be tackled with these cameras. They are the perfect choice for industrial and scientific applications where material defects invisible to the human eye have to be detected.

Combines the functionality of two cameras

The JAI Wave offers functionality which otherwise would require two or more cameras or expensive SWIR band pass filters, within a single system. With the high performance prism technology and a single optical path for the two InGaAs lines, moving objects at high speeds can be analysed. All of this is possible without extra filter wheels or costly precise sensor alignment.


  • Resolution: 1024 pixels x 2
  • Line rate: 39 kHz
  • Lens mount: M52 x 0.75
  • Interface: CameraLink Base and Medium

Markets and Applications

  • Detection of dents, bruises, rot and contaminates in food inspection
  • Analysis of different substances in pharmaceutical applications
  • Observation of dying and coating processes to increase production performance
  • Seperation of different polymers for recycling and material sorting

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JAI WA-1000D-CL 1024 39.2 CameraLink M52 x 0.75 InGaAs 25.00 25.60
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