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LMI Gocator 2800

Dual triangulation line profiler

The Gocator 2880 smart sensor is built to thrive in the demanding industrial conditions of the factory floor. Gocator’s simple and flexible design enables factories to reduce operational cost and maximise profitability by significantly improving efficiencies in product validation. With its built-in dual cameras, the 2880 can rapidly generate complete scans of large objects with complicated shapes.

Reasons to choose the LMI Gocator 2800

Complete scans

The Gocator 2880 is a smart 3D profile sensor designed to scan large objects with complicated shapes. Its dualcamera construction compensates for occlusions around protruding features. Plus, the sensor’s large field-of-view and measurement range are easily able to accommodate a wide range of targets.

Stand alone and scalable

Single Gocator 2880 sensors require no additional controllers, amplifiers or PCs to operate. What’s more, the Gocator 2880 can effortlessly scale up to a multiple sensor network using LMI Master hubs. Masters take care of distribution, laser safety interlock, encoder and digital input handling, and microsecond synchronisation.

Simple integration

Standardised cabling and a compact 500mm unit size simplify mounting and system integration.


  • Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Inputs: differential encoder, laser safety enable, trigger
  • Outputs: 2x digital output, RS-485 serial, selcom serial, 1x analogue output (4-20 mA)
  • Input voltage (power): +24 to +48 VDC (13 watts); ripple +/- 10%
  • Housing: gasketed aluminium enclosure, IP67
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50 °C
  • Software: browser-based GUI and open source SDK for configuration and real-time 3D visualisation

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