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Metaphase MetaBright MB-CODL

Dome and coaxial light in a single device

The Metaphase MetaBright MB-CODL is a dome combined with a coaxial illumination. In high precision setups for the inspection of reflective objects, the camera viewport can affect the uniformity in a negative way - due to non-existing reflections there. Adding a coaxial light on top of the dome eliminates this gap and the dark spot.

The Metaphase MetaBright MB-CODL conveniently packages dome and coaxial light units together, which tremendously simplifies the integration of these setups.

Reasons to select the Metaphase MetaBright MB-CODL

Two technologies combined

The independent intensity control of the on-axis and indirect off-axis light allows fine-tuning the illumination to the inspections requirements. This is especially helpful for delicate targets, like uneven specular surfaces.

Special diffuser coating

The coating of the reflector is selected to obtain an optimally diffused output, even for non-visible light like UV or IR. The coating reflects up to 98% of the light, so there is nearly no light lost compared to a direct illumination.

Intensity control

Adjustable brightness via 0-10V signal for an easy setting of the intensity when used with the digital intensity controller DDC-3.

Available in a selection of sizes and colours

Available in 8 different inner diameters from 4 cm to 110 cm. LED options range from white and coloured LED's to IR, UV and RGB,


  • Colour: white, red, green blue, IR (850, 880 and 940 nm), UV (365 and 395 nm) or RGB
  • I/O: intensity control via 0-10 V signal (optional)
  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Dimensions: inner diameter 47, 102, 178, 305, 445, 70, 878 or 1106 mm

Markets and Applications

This illumination is well suited for uneven reflective, "mirror-like" surfaces.

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Model Lighting technique Lighting geometry Light colour Light distribution Beam angle
METAPHASE MB-CO2DL4-RGB-24Z frontlight coaxial illumination, dome illumination RGB diffused not specified
METAPHASE MB-CO2DL4-W-24Z frontlight coaxial illumination, dome illumination White diffused not specified