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Metaphase MetaBright MB-DL

Diffused dome illumination

The Metaphase diffused dome is a traditional dome light that provides an extremely diffuse and uniform illumination from all directions. Dome illuminations have superior properties for the inspection of curved objects while minimising shadows and hot spots.

Great for inspection of reflective parts such as glossy, metallic or mirror like surfaces.The diffused dome is available with a wide variety of LED colours such as white, red , green, blue, IR, UV (365 and 395 nm) and RGB with independent colour control.

Reasons to choose the Metaphase MetaBright MB-DL

Highly even lighting

The MB-DL series is designed to produce the best image results for free-form objects, in particular specular surfaces. It produces a shadow free, uniform illumination which minimises glare and shadows.

Special diffuser coating

The coating of the reflector is selected to obtain an optimally diffused output, even for non-visible light like UV or IR.

Intensity control

Adjustable brightness via 0-10 V signal for an easy setting of the intensity when used with the digital intensity controller DDC-3.

Available in a wide selection of sizes and colours

Available in 9 different standard inner diameters from 36 to 1106 mm. LED options range from white and coloured LEDs to IR and UV, RGB


  • Colour: white, red, green blue, IR (850, 880 and 940 nm), UV (365 and 395 nm) or RGB
  • I/O: intensity control via 0-10 V signal
  • Dimensions: inner diameter 36, 47, 102, 178, 305, 445, 700, 878 or 1106 mm
  • Power supply: 24 VDC 

Markets and Applications

These illuminations are dedicated to inspection of glossy, metallic and /or mirror-like surfaces, like cosmetics packaging, blister foil or CDs/DVDs.

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Model Lighting geometry Light colour Light distribution
METAPHASE MB-DL306-UV365LP-24Z dome illumination UV diffused
METAPHASE MB-DL306-UV395-24Z dome illumination UV diffused
METAPHASE MB-DL306-W-24Z dome illumination White diffused
METAPHASE MB-DL406-UV365-24Z dome illumination UV diffused
METAPHASE MB-DL406-UV395-24Z dome illumination UV diffused
METAPHASE MB-DL406-W-24Z dome illumination White diffused
METAPHASE MB-DL606-IR20-24Z dome illumination IR diffused
METAPHASE MB-DL606-IR850-24Z dome illumination IR diffused
METAPHASE MB-DL706-R-24Z dome illumination Red diffused
METAPHASE MB-DL906-R-24Z dome illumination Red diffused