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From easy point and click to latest deep

learning algorithms


MERLIC from MVTec is an all-in-one software product for quickly building machine vision applications without programming. It is based on MVTec's extensive machine vision expertise and combines reliable, fast performance with ease of use.

The newest version of MERLIC comes with great new features as well as further improvements in robustness, speed and tools. One of the main features is the MERLIC Engine. This interface enables users to directly load, parametrize, and execute MERLIC applications in their C++ or C# application or framework. Another useful feature is the password protection for MERLIC Apps (MVApps). With this you can protect your MVApps against non-authorized code access from third parties and thus secure your intellectual property. Additionally, the password protection comes in handy, when you want to pass on a MERLIC MVApp to customers, who should not be able to change the App itself.

With a new widget MERLIC 3 allows you to train your machine vision application directly in the frontend. You can now teach the system new sample parts or regions of interest (ROIs) with just a few clicks. Additionally, the display of the ROIs can be adapted (e.g., its colour) to increase the user-friendliness. Besides, MERLIC 3 is able to interface to any imaging hardware supporting the GenICam standard.

  • Image-centered user interface without programming
    The image-centered design allows you to configure the application directly via the image without the need to write source code or to adjust lots of parameters. Just point and click.

  • Easy touch
    An outstanding, innovative, and unique feature in MERLIC is the easyTouch concept. It guides you towards your solution interactively.

  • Custom tools
    MERLIC's tool library can be extended flexibly with customized, user-defined tools to suit any additional needs. These tools can be developed in Halcon's integrated development environment HDevelop.

  • MERLIC Engine
    This interface enables you to directly load, parametrize and execute MERLIC applications in your C++ or C# application or framework.

  • Integrated PLC communication
    MERLIC offers full integration for your entire application, including the programmable control (PLC) with digital I/O and the OPC UA standard.

  • MERLIC Designer
    Interactively design a frontend for your application: choose between various widgets and simply place them by drag-and-drop.

  • Multiple frontends
    MERLIC allows you to run the frontend and the processing of your application on separate computers. You can also open various frontends from different computers to control or operate the machine.