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Opto Engineering LT PR SM HP3W

3W tilting LED pattern projectors

The LT PR SM HP3W series are LED pattern projectors specifically designed for the most demanding 3D profiling and measurement applications.

These pattern projectors integrate a precision tilting mechanism based on the Scheimpflug principle. This also ensures that the focus doesn’t change when the pattern is tilted.

Furthermore, the internal focus mechanism offers the maximum optical throughput. The projected light path is effectively coupled to the aperture of any C-mount lens.


  • 3D Scheimpflug LED Pattern Projector
  • Colour: red (630nm), green ( 520 nm), blue (460 nm) and white
  • Power supply: minimum 12V and max. 24 V
  • Power consumption: < 4.5 W
  • Patterns available: lines, stripes, grids and edges
  • Extension cable from M8 (straight) to flying leads in 2m length