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Opto Engineering TC ZR - 8x Bi-telecentric Zoom Lenses with Motorized Control

Advantages of telecentric lenses

With standard lenses an object appears to be smaller or bigger when it is closer or farther away from the lens. Unlike common optics, telecentric lenses only accept incoming ray bundles that are parallel to the optical axis; therefore the object size remains unchanged. This is essential when you must measure objects that cannot be precisely positioned (e.g. on a conveyor belt).

Moreover, telecentric lenses eliminate any perspective error and are therefore perfect when thick objects must be measured.

Telecentric lenses also outperform standard lenses when it comes to distortion: An image is distorted when straight lines in the object space appear as curved lines in the image space. Distortion is measured as a percent deviation. Opto Engineering telecentric lenses feature incredibly low distortion, typically under 0.05 % and deliver extremely accurate geometrical information.

Special features of bi-telecentric

Bi-telecentric lenses are also telecentric on the detector side. This additionally guarantees:

  • Increased Field Depth
  • Even CCD illumination
  • Constant magnification even when the CCD is not perfectly positioned

Bi-telecentric lenses are able to deliver incredibly accurate measurement on many different precision parts.

Opto Engineering bi-telecentric lenses are specifically designed for real industrial applications. The lenses have a fixed design with no adjustable focus or aperture mechanisms to withstand vibrations and ensure accurate and consistent performance.

Characteristics of the Opto Engineering TC ZR

Opto Engineering TC ZR is a leading edge optical solution for imaging and measurement applications requiring both the flexibility of zoom lenses and the accuracy of fixed optics. By means of a very accurate mechanism, these lenses ensure unequaled magnification, focusing and image center stability when switching from a magnification to another, thus avoiding recalibration at any given time. 4 different magnifications, featuring a total range of 8x, can be selected either by means of the onboard control keyboard or via computer through a specific remote control software. Bi-telecentricity, high resolution and low distortion make these zooms able to perform the same measurement tasks as a fixed magnification telecentric lens.


  • Magnification 0.250x to 2.000x or 0.125x to 1.000x


  • Telecentricity <0.05°
  • Optical interface: C mount
  • Manual or software controlled setting of zoom magnification

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OE TC ZR 036-C

Telecentric Zoom Revolver lens (motorized) for sensors up to 2/3”

  • MAG steps: 0,25x - 0,50x - 1,0x - 2 ...

OE TC ZR 072-C

0,125x to 1x Telecentric Zoom Revolver lens (motorized) ; 2/3”, C-Mount

  • MAG steps: 0,125x - 0,250x - 0,5x ...
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