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Opto Engineering TCZR

8x bi-telecentric zoom lenses with motorised control

If the flexibility of a zoom lens and the accuracy of fixed optics is required with your imaging and measurement application, then the TCZR series from Opto Engineering is a great solution.

Four different magnification levels (featuring a total range of 8x), can be selected either the on board control keyboard or via a computer with the specific remote control software.

Perfect magnification consistency and parfocality

The very accurate mechanism within the lens ensures unequalled magnification, focusing and image center stability when switching from one magnification to another. Thus avoiding the need for re-calibration at any given time.

Exceptional accuracy

Bi-telecentricity, high resolution and low distortion enable these zoom lenses to perform the same measurement tasks as a fixed magnification telecentric lenses.


  • Telecentric motorized zoom lens for 2/3"
  • Magnification steps: 0,125x - 0,250x - 0,5x - 1,0x and 0,25x - 0,50x - 1,0x - 2,0x
  • Working distance: 74 mm and 157,8 mm
  • Camera mount: C-mount
  • Aperture: F# 12 (fix iris)
  • MTF: @70lp/mm >35%
  • Length: 212 mm and 279,7 mm
  • Outer diameter: 56 mm and 99 mm
  • Includes USB cable in 2m length (USB mini to USB 2.0) and power cable in 0.60 m length to flying leads