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Optronis CamRecord Sprinter/CR

High-performance recording in all environments

The Optronis CamRecord Sprinter is the right choice wherever fast-moving production processes need to be analysed or high-speed events need to be captured. Whether in a laboratory, at an external site or for crash tests, the CamRecord delivers maximum performance every time, in every situation. The high level of light sensitivity of the CamRecord series provides a high fidelity view of your subject, even in poor light conditions.

The CamRecord is available in different models, offering varying resolutions and frame rates, monochrome and colour models, along with numerous event trigger modes including gated recording or pre-event recording. The optical trigger which uses changes in the image to act as a start signal obsoletes a physical trigger input.

Reasons to choose the Optronis CamRecord Sprinter/CR

SSD hard disk slot for persistent storage

The CamRecord features a new approach to data management using a 256 GB SSD backup. This allows image data to be transferred to a PC for slow-motion analysis much faster than with GigE Vision. The internal data transfer is performed via a SATA interface at 300 MB per second, which is 6x the data speed compared to conventional storage concepts.

Large ring memory

The CamRecord is equipped with a 16 GB ring memory, which enables the storage of a recording over a period of 4 seconds, at full resolution and speed (CR-Sprinter-HD). The possibility to store a relatively long time interval like this is of particular benefit if it is difficult to assess the particular point at which a fault arises in a process.

Wide range of connectivity options

The cameras transmits data via Gigabit Ethernet, offering a high download speed from camera to PC memory. Additionally, it offers HDMI video output for monitoring purposes during recording. By supplying interfaces for external triggers and synchronization sources, perfect timing behaviour can be guaranteed.

Selection of standard lens flanges

The provision of standard lens attachments makes the CamRecord particularly user-friendly. It provides a flange for C-mount lenses, which are particularly suitable for applications with high image refresh rates (frames per second) with a simultaneously wide aperture. It also offers an attachment for the widespread F-Mount lenses, with adjustable or mechanically adjustable aperture ring. For standard applications with lenses available in the photo trade, a connector to Nikon G-mount lenses is provided. The aperture is adjusted using the ring located on the mount. Finally, industrial M42-Mount lenses with the choice of x1 or x0.75 (T2) thread pitch are supported.

Designed for testing environments

The fanless and sealed housing makes the cameras ideal for recording in dusty environments, while the optional battery pack provides operation in locations without power or in unattended situations.The camera can even be stand operated without a PC attached after set up.

Recording software included

The included TimeViewer software offers a fast and easy entry into high-speed video photography even for beginners. It primarily serves for setting camera parameters, as a real-time display and for high-speed recording and also supports synchronous multi-camera operation.

Out-of-the-box operation

The delivery package contains everything required to set up the device: power supply, CamSetup software for Microsoft Windows, TimeViewer software as well as cables for Ethernet and trigger signals.


  • Sensor: CMOS (internal ring memory, global shutter, monochrome and colour)
  • Resolution: up to 1696x1710 (3 MP)
  • Frame rate: up to 3500 fps with full resolution 1280x860 (Sprinter-HD)
  • Features: recording time up to 35s, exposure time down to 1µs, extended trigger options including pre- and post-triggers, direct export of sequences to BMP, TIFF, AVI or MPEG
  • Interface: Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI connector for monitor
  • Protection: rugged and compact aluminium housing for rough environments
  • Software: TimeViewer software for Windows 7 and Windows 10

Markets and Applications

  • Process analysis in machine building, trouble shooting
  • Optimisation of production workflow
  • Combustion analysis
  • Material testing
  • Crash test and explosive testing
  • Research and development

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Model Resolution (MP) Frame rate (Hz) Interface Lens mount Sensor type Horizontal res. (Px) Vertical res. (Px) Manufacturer Sensor format
OPTRONIS CR-SPRINTER-FHD-C 2.1 1800.0 Gigabit Ethernet Nikon F-Mount, C-Mount, Nikon FG-Mount CMOS 1920 1080 Optronis 4/3"
OPTRONIS CR-SPRINTER-FHD-M 2.1 1800.0 Gigabit Ethernet Nikon F-Mount, C-Mount, Nikon FG-Mount CMOS 1920 1080 Optronis 4/3"
OPTRONIS CR-SPRINTER-HD-C 1.1 3500.0 Gigabit Ethernet Nikon F-Mount, C-Mount, Nikon FG-Mount CMOS 1280 860 Optronis 4/3"
OPTRONIS CR-SPRINTER-HD-M 1.1 3500.0 Gigabit Ethernet Nikon F-Mount, C-Mount, Nikon FG-Mount CMOS 1280 860 Optronis 4/3"


Optronis Sprinter series C-mount Adaptor


Optronis Sprinter series F-mount Adaptor


Optronis Sprinter series F-mount Adaptor

  • The F-Mount (FMG) adapter is supplied with an additional aperture ring in order to control ...


C-Mount Adapter for for Optronis CR camera series


Nikon F-Mount adapter for CR camera with adjustable aperture

  • This adapter allows to use Nikon lenses without aperture ring


C-Mount Adapter for for Optronis CR camera series
(for lenses with aperture ring)


16 GB camera memory for OPTRONIS CR600x2, CR3000x2

Software accessories


CR camera Software Development Kit

  • Not for Sprinter FHD/HD
File Topics Size
CamRecord CR-Sprinter-FHD
Data sheets
491.8 KB
CamRecord CR-Sprinter-HD (CR-S3500)
Data sheets
493.4 KB
Manual CR600x2/CR3000x2 | 1830-SU-02-L
4.5 MB
Manual Optronis CR-Sprinter-FHD | 1900-SU-02-F-2
1.4 MB
Manual Optronis CR-Sprinter-HD (CR-S3500) | 1900-SU-02-C
1.5 MB