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Power Supplies

Using an incorrect power supply can lead to many problems such as varying illumination intensity and image noise. Our extensive range of power supplies has been selected and tested with our range of products and ranges from small single channel power supplies with constant output through to 8 channel electrically stabilised power supplies controlled via a digital interface.

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Model Output voltage (VDC) Max. rated current (mA) Power (W) Power supply unit
PSU DIN-12V/4.5A R1 12 4500 60 DIN Rail
PSU DIN-12V/6.3A R1 12 6300 75 DIN Rail
PSU DIN-24V/10.0A R1 24 10000 240 DIN Rail
PSU DIN-24V/2.5A R1 24 2500 60 DIN Rail
PSU DIN-24V/3.2A R1 24 3200 75 DIN Rail
PSU DIN-24V/5.0A R1 24 5000 120 DIN Rail
PSU DIN-48V/1.6A R1 48 1600 75 DIN Rail
PSU DIN-48V/10.0A R1 48 10000 480 DIN Rail
PSU DIN-48V/5.0A R1 48 5000 240 DIN Rail